C9 Sales Advisor gets more reps to their number by shining a spotlight on high achievers and by delivering personalized recommendations to anyone coming up short.

Rep Scores

C9 Sales Advisor defines a company’s “Sales Performance DNA” by analyzing the behavior of reps that are crushing their number. Personalized scorecards call out areas where reps are soaring—and where they have yet to achieve liftoff.

Sales Advisor

Once reps understand the skills they need to improve, C9 Sales Advisor shows them how. Sales Advisor integrates proprietary C9 IP with content from popular third-party sales methodologies to deliver relevant advice at the point in the sales process when it will have the most impact.

Skill Wall

C9 Sales Advisor stokes the sales team’s competitive fire with the Skill Wall, a place where reps can get motivated to elevate their game by seeing who’s setting the pace on quota attainment, and pipeline management and deal execution.


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