C9 LeadMap breaks down the walls between sales and marketing to deliver a panoramic pipeline view and expose the deals that can generate the biggest revenue.

Revenue Projection

C9 LeadMap taps C9’s predictive capabilities to project the revenue that current lead volumes will support and to determine the incremental leads needed to hit target. Now companies can respond to shortfalls before it’s too late to course-correct.

Lead Coverage

C9 LeadMap maps leads from marketing automation systems to Salesforce.com sales territories so marketers can flag marketing coverage gaps and ensure they’re aligned with sales around target geographies, products, and accounts.

Marketing Attribution

With visibility into both marketing and sales automation systems, C9 LeadMap identifies the full set of deals that marketing has influenced, even those not explicitly linked to campaigns. Now companies can quantify marketing’s full impact on key metrics such as average deals size, sales cycle time and close rates.

Multi-touch ROI

The best opportunities never come from a “one and done” interaction. C9 LeadMap analyzes the full set of marketing interactions that have resulted in closed deals, then surfaces the best-performing campaign combinations so marketers can develop multi-touch programs with even higher returns.


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