We harness the world’s most accurate predictive models to deliver an unbiased view of what’s winnable and what’s not. With C9, you know what number to call, where to focus, and what it will take to deliver a great quarter.

We’ve invested heavily in building the industry’s best sales datasets. Where other solutions stitch together incomplete or ad hoc data sources with limited historical detail, C9 captures a comprehensive, field-level history for all sales transactions.


C9 relentlessly attacks one of the most important challenges in business—delivering revenue growth. We’re specialists who through the use of predictive sales analytics have helped hundreds of companies determine where they’ll find revenue, what it will take to close it, and the risks they need to avoid along the way.


Edison said, “The value of a great idea is in the using of it.” We believe that data is only as valuable as the action it drives. That’s why we’ve embedded our algorithms throughout the C9 product suite, allowing sales and marketing professionals to take action and close more business.

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