We harness the world’s most accurate predictive sales models to deliver an unbiased view of what’s winnable—and what’s not. With C9, you know what number to call, where to focus, and what it will take to deliver a great quarter.

Data is the fuel that powers our predictive sales models. C9 has captured over 60 billion sales observations relating to won and lost deals. Our proprietary data replication technology captures source data in its entirety, and uses a self-healing schema to automatically adapt when new data types are introduced.


Opportunities may change hundreds of times over the course of a sales cycle.  C9 captures every change to source data enabling trending and change analysis across any time period. This allows users to quickly move across historical, current, and projected views of their business, and helps us more accurately project the close dates of winnable deals.


C9 predictive sales models extract and analyze hundreds of fine-grained historical signals from lead and opportunity records. And whenever new inputs are introduced to source systems, models are automatically retuned based on machine learning. The result?  Analyses that combine unprecedented accuracy with an ability to dynamically adapt to evolving business conditions.

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