Pipeline Blindness Solution For Sales Organizations

Discover New Insights in Your Pipeline

Sales Managers and their reps spend too much time each week trying to identify and understand pipeline movement.  And despite their best efforts, they often lack the information and tools necessary to identify the underlying trends that are inhibiting sales.  C9 Active Pipeline allows sales professionals to understand exactly what has changed in their pipeline over any time period.  Additionally, they can understand the sources of these changes as well as the inherent risk that their pipeline carries.  Armed with this information, reps and managers can improve close rates by addressing at risk deals and by proactively correcting the negative trends surfaced by C9.

  • See deals that entered or exited your pipe and deals that changed in  price or probability
  • Visualize sources of pipeline movement using the waterfall charts
  • Examine the condition of the pipeline at any moment in time or across any period
  • Use the risk scores assigned to each opportunity to identify and address vulnerabilities and to determine opportunities that have the highest and lowest probability of closing

Dealing with pipeline blindness without a platform like C9 can be extremely manual and time consuming. That's precisely why so many of C9 customers in sales organizations have increased their close rate by at least 15% and have improved forecast accuracy by 30% to 60%

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