Insights about Sales Data

C9 Offers Useful Insights about Sales Data

Sales data plays a vital role in sales forecasting. Do you want to receive useful insights about sales data? C9 can help!

C9 offers the leading industry sales datasets that delivers accurate sales data. Other available solutions might collate incomplete insights about sales data that are restricted in historical details. Use C9 to attain a compact history of the sales transactions.

For valuable insights about sales data, users can resort to the Predictive Sales Platform which includes:


Assigns a win score to every deal by assessing several thousands from leads and opportunities, helping you attain a holistic view of your business and know what works and what does not


Evaluates several closed deals to segregate the factors that are profitable and unprofitable. This provides initiatives or action the reps can follow to get the deals done


Combines OppScores along with predictive evaluation of aspects such as sandbagging, bluebirds as well as quarterly ups and downs

With valuable insights about sales data, you can arrive at smart and factual decision-making. To know more request a C9 demo!

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