Active Insights For Performance

C9 Powers Active Insights for Performance

C9 Active Insights for performance is a complete system for delivering C9 Active Data to all of your users. Use it to build and publish reports, dashboards and alerts your team can use to close deals faster and drive revenues higher. C9 Active Insights for performance lets you create an extraordinary number of visual representations (including every imaginable graphic framework) to display your C9 Active Insights data clearly. Add annotations with explanations and save them in the Active Insights library.

Use point-and-click tools in C9 Active Insights to designs dashboard and reports. Save the layouts or populate them with Active Content you defined earlier; then add them to your content library so users can access them immediately. Your users can select predefined C9 reports and dashboards for immediate viewing.  Customize them by dragging other C9 Active Content or choose a new layout to meet specific needs.

Users can access C9 Active Insights for performance on any Internet-enabled device including desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones—so they always have real-time access to the insights they need. When they want to tell others about their unique, high value C9 Active Insights, they can share or email any C9 report, dashboard or piece of C9 Active Content with just a few clicks.

You can arm your team with the details each person needs to be a top performer. Use C9 Active Insights dashboards to show key indicators, top opportunities, quota performance, progress against objectives and more. Drill-downs for better understanding are available for any data element.

C9 Active Insights for performance delivers information to your team in a way that makes the biggest impact on the top line.


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