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C9 Powers Active Forecasts That Improve Revenue Performance

With nearly 104,000 customers and growing, customers get it. They know that the cloud-based Salesforce CRM suite is a critical tool for capturing and reporting account data, identifying new revenue opportunities and improving business performance. They see the impact on their organizations, their employees and their bottom lines. Many of these companies, however, still face challenges in a key area: sales forecasting.

Progressive users are eliminating the blind spots that put their forecasts at risk by making a dramatic change in how they forecast and manage their sales pipelines. These companies have adopted “active forecasts”—integrating analytical insights into their forecasting processes and into how they monitor and manage the opportunities in their forecasts. Active Forecasts collects, organizes and analyzes pipeline data, automatically discovers insights hidden deep inside, and delivers them to the right sales managers at the right time. Active Forecasts project likely outcomes, and prepares a rich set of hierarchical forecasts, reports, and analyses. It provides an in-depth view of opportunities, bookings, revenue, and other metrics organized by rep, territory, region, product or any other way you want.

That’s the power of intelligent sales forecasting using Active Forecasts -- and it’s the kind of power that is now available to any company that wants to take its existing Salesforce CRM investment to the next level.

Do the math, and for many enterprises those kinds of gains from Active Forecasts can translate to millions in additional revenue from their sales pipelines. They can also benefit from the bottom-line impact of predictable, reliable forecasts that enable effective planning; more impactful sales force training; and cost savings associated with a move away from time-consuming, error-prone manual forecasting processes. Best-in-class companies that adopted Active Forecasts enjoyed an impressive 91% customer retention rate, versus a 32% retention rate among companies that have lagged in adoption, according to Aberdeen.

Sales forecasting is no longer just an administrative process for submitting a number based on guesswork and intuition – it has become critical to how companies manage their business, from financial and supply chain planning to sales performance management. However, CSO Insight's Sales Management Optimization research study found that less than 50 percent of forecasted opportunities were actually won. That means companies counting on the forecast missed their revenue targets.

C9 introduces the C9 Active Forecast, the first product that provides sales managers an early warning system to identify and manage risk and opportunity in their sales forecast while taking the pain out of the forecasting process. By analyzing the sales pipeline and forecast, the C9 Active Forecast uncovers actionable intelligence that guides sales managers to focus on the right opportunities at the right time.

The C9 Active Forecast addresses the critical forecasting needs that spreadsheets and CRM systems cannot. It integrates with CRM systems such as Salesforce to record all changes to CRM data and analyzes that data to find historical patterns of success and failure. By comparing the current forecast and pipeline to those patterns, it can provide sales managers with early warning of the risk and opportunity in their current forecast.

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