April 17, 2015
Sales Forecasting — by Reps, at Least — Is Dead

As sales and finance teams build their revenue projections for 2015, sales forecasts are under added scrutiny. That shines a spotlight on one of the great paradoxes of sales: Optimism and lateral thinking are the hallmark of a “closer” and the chief attributes of a lousy forecaster.

April 13, 2015
How to Run a Sales Pipeline Meeting

In my current role at C9, I help companies and sales managers improve their pipeline and forecasting processes. Because of this work, I’m very familiar with sales managers’ most common challenges. And surprisingly (or perhaps unsurprisingly), – many of these challenges can be traced back to inefficient or unproductive pipeline meetings.

January 23, 2015
Predictive Analytics for the Masses – Data Science-as-a-Service

Historically, the cost and effort associated with data science have placed it beyond the reach of most firms. Curating a robust data repository, deploying sophisticated analytics packages, and building a team of data scientists are daunting challenges that few companies are well equipped to address. Fortunately, DSaaS (data science-as-a-service) mitigates many of these issues.

December 15, 2014
The End of the Manual Forecast

You’ll be hard pressed to find a sales person who can’t quote at least a line or two from Glengarry Glen Ross. While we love the movie because it shines a spotlight on some of the more absurd aspects of sales, too many companies have taken the “Coffee’s for Closers” speech seriously. They lean on reps until the forecast goes up, not realising that such high pressure tactics don’t move the needle on what counts—closing deals.

December 8, 2014
Why LinkedIn Should Pay Attention to Salesforce’s Most Important Acquisition to Date

While Salesforce.com has established itself as the juggernaut of sales force automation (SFA), many are starting to question the value of the claim the company has staked. Since its inception, SFA has taken heavy fire from front-line users who view it as “all take, no give.”

December 5, 2014
C9 Predictive Sales Review

Anything that can reduce the uncertainties associated with sales, and increase sales productivity has to be worthy of attention. C9 employs predictive analytics technologies (real predictive technologies and not the simple forecasts some other suppliers employ) to help predict how much might be booked, which deals are likely to close and the next most productive action.

November 26, 2014
New C9 Sales Application Harnesses the Power of IBM Watson

Every day, sales representatives encounter challenges that could be addressed more quickly by having timely access to the right information. C9 Sales Advisor allows them to ask spontaneous questions related to the sales process and then delivers relevant responses.

November 25, 2014
Predictive Analytics for Data Beginners: An Introduction

When it comes to marketing, predictive analytics are rooted in two main criteria: trends and correlations. Effectively, we want to be monitoring trends and velocity of conversation to determine if there is a topic gaining momentum and exponentially increasing in mentions.

November 10, 2014
Welcome to the Age of Context-Driven Sales and Marketing

The next generation enterprise software for sales, services and marketing such as marketing automation or customer relationship management (CRM) solutions will deliver personalized and highly contextual intelligence to sales, marketing and services organizations.

October 23, 2014
Salesforce is onto something. It’s about time we put our data to work

The amount of customer data we have access to has increased by 110,000 percent over the past two decades. But over the same period, forecast accuracy has actually dropped from 84 to 76 percent, according to academic researchers.

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